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Racist group's flyers left at Burbank homes

February 14, 2011 12:00:00 AM PST
Residents in at least two Southland communities discovered controversial flyers outside their homes Monday. Some found the unwanted leaflets offensive.

The flyer was distributed throughout a Burbank neighborhood Monday morning. Residents in Costa Mesa got the flier as well.

One side of the flyer has the words "Love your race," with a picture of a white blond-haired woman below it. The other side says "Stop affirmative action, white people need jobs too." Both sides include the name of an organization called National Alliance.

The group's website says it's a white separatist political organization started nearly 40 years ago and based in West Virginia. Eyewitness News attempted to contact National Alliance but got no response.

"I just thought that we had come further in our country, to just be more tolerant," said Burbank resident Geralyn Ricciardella, who received a flyer at her house. Ricciardella says she and her husband spotted the flyer underneath their car in the driveway.

"My first reaction was that it was on the driveway and not on the door, so that was, to me, a little cowardly, that you're trying to get your point across, but it almost felt like they were really not confident in what they were doing because they were just afraid to approach you with it or even put it on your door. They have to drop it in the driveway," said Ricciardella.

"I'd say this is racist," said Burbank resident John Roberts. "I think people should have opportunity at jobs and that at some point sometimes the government does have to step in because people aren't given the opportunity that they deserve or need."

Despite being a person of color, Perfecto Micu of Burbank says he was not bothered by the flyer.

"For me it's not offensive. My premise is that because affirmative action is no longer valid in California. I'd hate to be hired because of my race," said Micu.

"This may be a little improper but everyone is entitled to their own opinion," said Burbank resident Oscar Giangrasso.