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Southlanders flock to mountains on holiday

February 21, 2011 12:00:00 AM PST
Closer to home, there was some snow in our local mountains over the holiday weekend.

Monday, many skiers and snowboarders are taking advantage of the extra day off and hitting the slopes. Snowboarders and skiers flocked to the mountain on what could be the last big weekend of the season.

"There's a lot of fresh powder today," said one Mountain High attendee. "It's a holiday. Both of our jobs are closed so we decided to take advantage of that."

The weekend storm brought nearly 2 feet of snow to Mountain High Ski Resort, which was much needed after days of hot dry weather

"The crowds do go to the beach or wherever else when it gets up to 80 plus degrees down the hill so it does make the crowds light so we welcome this," said Cindy Shippy with Mountain High. "We're very excited about this last big weekend of the winter."

On Sunday the resort had a soft sell out, which means about 6,000 people came through. And more skiers and snowboarders were expected Monday.

"I was expecting it to be busy," said Oceanside resident Stephen Grasz. "I know they sell out, I mean last time we came up they sold out and we had to wait half the day to get a ticket"

Grasz and his friends left before the sun came up to avoid the crowds and the traffic, but the parking lot and the slopes were full just moments after the resort opened.

"The only thing I'm not looking forward to is little kids crashing in front of me," said one Mountain High attendee.

The crisp clear weather is what is drawing so many to the mountains, ideal conditions for skiers and snowboarders who will likely spend all day tearing it up on the slopes.

"First I'm going to start off to see how the snowboard feels," said Christopher Lubreski. "If I could do good, then I will go on the ramps and do some crazy stuff."