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Soldier caught in LA teen's alleged rape

February 21, 2011 12:00:00 AM PST
A soldier charged with raping a local teenager is back in custody after a nationwide manhunt. Monday, the 15-year-old girl and her attorney called for an Army investigation looking into how he escaped in the first place.

She says she was traumatized. She was expecting the alleged attacker to be locked up behind bars. Then she found out he was able to break away from his military guards.

"I don't want any other family or any other girl to have to go through this," said "Jaymee."

Going full-face before cameras, revealing herself as an alleged victim of rape, a 15-year-old Antelope Valley girl known only as "Jaymee" says she did it to get answers from the U.S. Army.

Her accused attacker is a 20-year-old rifleman, Pvt. Daniel Brazelton, who was arrested Feb. 3 at Fort Stewart in Georgia. Eleven days later, he escaped and was on the run for another four days before he was re-arrested.

He had made his break while in a military van en route to the Liberty County jail. Brazelton somehow jumped out, outran the guards and got away.

The Los Angeles Sheriff's Department put out a bulletin with information he might head back to Palmdale. And there are chilling words: "Should be considered armed and dangerous."

"I was living in fear because Daniel was out there somewhere," said Jaymee.

"Was the door to the van unlocked while he was being transported? Why and how was he able to exit the van?" asked Jaymee's attorney, Gloria Allred.

Jaymee had viewed ominous photos on Brazelton's Facebook page, including one of a gun. And even as Brazelton was in custody, he somehow had the use of a phone to make updates.

"I'm getting' ready to get expedited back out to Cali to go to prison," Allred read out loud at Monday's news conference.

Most disturbing: How would Brazelton get a gun while he was in custody for 11 days? Eyewitness News contacted Fort Stewart but received no comment. But we did obtain information from the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Dept.

A sergeant said that after Brazelton escaped, he returned to Fort Stewart. There, he retrieved a weapon.

A key question for Jaymee and many others now: How could Brazelton enter a secure military base and then leave it, even as guards were searching for him?

Brazelton managed to get from Georgia to Daytona Beach, Florida, before he was arrested again

He is now in custody at the Volusia County jail in Florida awaiting extradition to Los Angeles County.