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Topher Grace goes back to the '80s in new film, 'Take Me Home Tonight'

March 3, 2011 12:00:00 AM PST
In the comedy "Take Me Home Tonight," Topher Grace stars as a directionless twenty-something who's moved back home while he tries to figure out this thing called "adulthood."

"You graduate college and structure is over. You've had middle school and high school and college, and then it's kind of up to you. The movie's kind of - it's a great party movie - but it's a little bit of what you should kind of let go and let it find you," said Grace.

Co-star Teresa Palmer says she can relate to that feeling of being lost while trying to find your way in the world.

"I tried out like 50,000 different jobs and I couldn't connect with any of them," Palmer.

"Good thing movie star worked out," Grace added.

The film is also a celebration of the '80s.

"We did not want to be making fun of the '80s, we want it to be the first film that isn't spoofing the '80s but it's really Of the '80s," said Grace.

But anyone who lived through the era of acid washed jeans, popped collars, and parachute pants can't help but wonder what we were thinking when it came to '80s fashion.

Anna Faris she was excited to embrace the decade... at first.

"The shoulder pads, the leggings... And then half way through shooting I was a little like, 'Man this is not that cute of a look,'" said Faris.

"Take Me Home Tonight," rated R, opens in theaters on Friday.