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'Hop' perfect for kids, not for date night

April 1, 2011 12:00:00 AM PDT
The animated family film "Hop" is in theaters on Friday, and it's expected to hop its way to No. 1 at the weekend box office.

The movie is about a rabbit that sneaks off to Hollywood so he doesn't have to follow his father in the family business.

Hank Azaria plays a fun role as Carlos, chick planning to take over Easter, and as the Easter bunny-to-be, Russell Brand also brings a sense of innocence, wonderment and whimsy to his role.

But the most credit should go to James Marsden, who's usually acting opposite no one in the film, with all the blanks being filled in during post-production.

The movie is cute and clever, and while there are definitely moments for mom and dad, the bulk of the film is for young kids, which made it hard for me to stay tuned in.

Visually, the candy factory is beautiful and will likely leave you hungry. But the movie left me a little hungry for a story I could embrace.

It absolutely has its moments, but if you're an adult, you may get the most enjoyment watching your child giggle and laugh next to you.

The bunny is adorable, and the movie is a nice early Easter gift from you to your kids. I just wouldn't make this a date-night movie.

"Hop" is rated PG.