New Air Jordan creates shoe frenzy at stores


The Air Jordan 2011 model created a frenzy at shoe stores. The line started forming Tuesday for the famous footwear. The new Air Jordan resembles the red and black pair the star wore in 1985.

"You just wait in line," said shoe collector Freddy Valle. "Make friends, talk about shoes and just have a great time."

Talk about a shoe fetish. Some of those who waited tattooed themselves with the Air Jordan brand. By 9 a.m. Wednesday the wait was over.

"I am just happy to have them," said shoe collector Stan London. "I just really feel like I am a part of a really exclusive group."

The "X" on the back of the shoe represents the fact that the NBA banned these shoes; the league didn't allow multi colored shoes back then. Jordan paid a fine each game he played.

"It's the hype really," said Air Jordan fan Edward Lampkin. "That he played in them, and they don't come out for another 20 years. It adds a lot of hype on the shoe."

The shoes are selling for $110 at stores, but on eBay they are already getting bids hundreds of dollars higher than that.

"It's up there man," said Jordan fan Raul Arroyo. "It all depends on how many they make, what's the limit on them."

Jordan hasn't played a basketball game in years, and yet the shoes he made famous remain one if the best brands in athletic footwear.

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