'Buck' follows life of famous horse trainer Buck Brannaman


The director spent two and a half years shooting it. Then she carefully crafted it into an hour and a half journey of one man's life.

Brannaman is a world famous horse trainer, who travels nine months a year, teaching horses to feel safe and secure around people.

He essentially helps man and beast create a special connection. No matter where Brannaman is, when he's on a horse, he's home.

"That's probably the place that I feel like I belong the most. So when I teach the clinics, I'm real comfortable now talking to people because I work better with props," said Brannaman. "I consider horsemanship to be one of the fine arts and I consider it every bit as serious as painting a beautiful picture or writing music or poetry."

Director Cindy Meehl said she wanted to inspire people by giving them a slice of another kind of life- Brannaman's to be exact.

"I wanted to capture his essence on film and so that people could feel what everyone does when they go and study with him and ride with him," said Meehl.

Brannaman said he often tells people, "I don't know where I'm going, but I'm not lost."

In fact, Brannaman found his calling with horses after an early life he wasn't sure he'd survive. His mother died when he was a boy.

"My dad had a violent temper. He was a terrifying person," said Brannaman.

Luckily, Brannaman and his brother found solace with foster parents who nurtured them with love.

"There might be some people walk out of the theatre thinking, 'You know what? Maybe I should step up and become a foster parent and take care of some kids that nobody wants,'" said Brannaman.

"Buck" opens Friday and is rated PG.

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