'Bad Teacher' premieres in New York


Cameron Diaz, who plays the bad teacher, along with Justin Timberlake and other cast members were on the red carpet for the film's New York City premiere.

Timberlake plays the new substitute teacher at the junior high school and Jason Segel plays the role of the gym teacher in the no-holds-barred R-rated comedy.

"I think that that's the kind of comedy this is," Diaz said. "It doesn't care what people think."

In "Bad Teacher," Diaz plays a junior high school teacher who's only teaching because her rich boyfriend dumped her.

Like Diaz, Segel loves the freedom of making an R-rated comedy. But he admits there were when he had to censor himself.

"I was actually a little bit conscious of that because the kids were present when you were saying some vile stuff," Segel said. "That made me a little uncomfortable."

Timberlake clearly enjoys appearing in comedies.

"I like to make fun of myself," he said. "I get a kick out of it as much as everyone else does."

"Bad Teacher" will be in theatres on Friday.

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