Chino Hills residents protest power lines


SoCal Edison was aware that there were approximately 75 protestors in front of their Rosemead office. Still, they say there are no plans to take the massive towers down.

"In its final decision, the California Public Utilities Commission balanced the interests of the local communities along with the need for renewable energy transmission infrastructure," said Alis Odenthal from SoCal Edison.

But residents have a number of concerns. For one thing, they're concerned that the towers will cause property values to plummet.

"We have people in our community right now that are upside down on their homes hanging onto by a thread," said Chino Hills resident Misty Lamb. "This is going to wipe out any equity or home they have right now."

Others are concerned about safety.

"The easement that they're on is at an angle," said Chino Hills resident Raul Acosta. "If these things were to fall during an earthquake God forbid what would happen to neighbors, it's just horrible."

The protest comes not long after the mayor of Chino Hills sent a letter to SoCal Edison and the Public Utilities Commission. Residents are basically accusing them of not listening to the community's concerns."

"We believe in progress, there has to be progress," said Acosta. "But there are other routes to take. Does it have to go right over our homes?"

"I live and work around power lines," said Odenthal. "This is a part of our culture in Southern California. There are power lines throughout the urban area."

Odenthal also addressed residents' safety concerns.

"The California Public Utilities Commission found that this was a safe and feasible route and that it would cause no undue operational concerns," said Odenthal.

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