Mission Viejo couple puts chair w/ Jesus image on sale for $25K


On Lynn Balducci's 16-year-old Adirondack chair, back toward the bottom, you'll find a knot in the wood where some of the white paint has chipped away. Balducci and her husband Lou were getting ready to throw the chair out when Lou spotted the apparition.

"He said, 'Look at what I see on the chair.' I mean, I didn't have to think once or twice that maybe it was the image of Christ," said Lynn Balducci.

Now, instead of heading to the dump, the Balduccis' chair could be heading to your home. They've listed it on eBay. The Balduccis said the opening bid price of $25,000 is based on the reported selling price of a grilled cheese sandwich that also sported a heavenly image.

"The grilled cheese sandwich sold for $25,000, and that's a perishable item. This is a piece of wood, so it should last for a really long time," said Lynn Balducci.

Because the image was formed by chipping paint, the Balduccis really don't want anyone sitting in the chair. For $25,000, Lynn Balducci said the buyer can have an additional chair that doesn't have the image on it.

If the religious market isn't biting at that price, the Balduccis may want to target fans of actor Ron Perlman. If you liked his role as Vincent in "The Beauty and the Beast" TV series, then this just might be the chair for you.

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