'Bad Teacher' review: It's blunt, shocking and silly


Diaz is a kick as the title character, spewing some pretty shocking lines along the way. Her real-life former boyfriend, /*Justin Timberlake*/, is a good sport as a goodie-goodie substitute teacher. He's become so versatile and self-deprecating, I'd hire him to host the /*Academy Awards*/. And /*Jason Segel*/ just makes me smile as the junior high school's gym teacher.

Lucy Punch is both kitschy and witchy as the bad teacher's rival. And Phyllis Smith is just adorable. I think audiences are going to love what she does with her character.

They're all fearless in the film and they all went into it knowing it would definitely be a movie for adults. Sometimes, what you see and hear is just wrong.

Still, you'll either laugh out loud or you'll be insulted. And once you're insulted, get out of the theatre because it's not going to stop.

This movie happily pushes the envelope. So if you don't embrace the comedy, you'll see this as a tragedy.

If you loved "/*The Hangover*/" or "/*Bridesmaids*/," this is right up your R-rated alley. "Bad Teacher" is blunt and bold, shocking and silly, ridiculous and hilarious.

"/*Bad Teacher*/" probably gets an "F" in the politically correct department. It has a bit of a naughty nature and there are even a couple of things that had me saying, "Did they just do that?"

But the bottom line is, I was shaking my head "no" but laughing at the same time. You've been warned.

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