Encino residents say pets are being poisoned


The latest incident happened in the 5100 block of Gaynor Avenue.

Frankie, a Rottweiler mix, is normally a happy-go-lucky 2 year old. But last week he gave his owner, Antoinette Frank, quite a shock.

"He started having seizures, shaking, he couldn't get off the floor," she said. "He couldn't stop shaking, he couldn't keep his balance."

Frank rushed her dog to an emergency animal hospital and learned the Frankie had been poisoned.

She came home, searched her backyard and says she found a chewed-up piece of plastic wrap.

"It smelled like meat. So someone had packed meat with rat poison and threw it over my fence," she said.

Frankie wasn't the only dog in the neighborhood to be poisoned.

Zoe, a Yorkshire terrier who lives right across the street, had gone through the same ordeal two months earlier.

"I found her lethargic and falling down," said Zoe's owner, Felice Catina. "It looked like she was having seizures."

Catina says medical bills started stacking up. The final tally was nearly $5,000.

The veterinarian's diagnosis was that it was rat poison.

Both Frankie and Zoe have made full recoveries, but Catina says now she's worried about it happening to her pets again.

"They are not allowed out here unless I am here with them," she said. "I sweep the yard every morning, check it."

Catina and Frank say they went to the Los Angeles Police Department West Valley station, but were told they couldn't file a report unless they knew who poisoned the dogs.

So they went to the Los Angeles Animal Services and say they were told the same thing.

The women say they're not just frustrated, but worried as well.

"I'm thinking there's someone around here who's simply sociopathic," Catina said. "They usually graduate to hurting people."

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