Clark Gable grandson arrested for pointing laser at LAPD helicopter


But the 22-year-old and a friend are facing charges of repeatedly shining a laser light at a LAPD helicopter patrolling over Hollywood.

According to the LAPD, the two were driving near Sunset Boulevard and La Brea Avenue on Thursday around10 p.m. when one of them allegedly pointed a laser pointer at a /*LAPD*/ helicopter that was flying overhead.

It is something that law enforcement takes very seriously.

"The pilot can suffer vertigo, temporary blindness, which obviously could lead to a possible crash," said Det. Gus Villanueva from LAPD.

Villanueva says the police helicopter was able to track the vehicle, and alerted police officers on the ground. The pilot described a bright green flash illuminating the cockpit, and that it continued while the helicopter tracked the vehicle.

"He was able to direct the ground units in their police cars to that moving car," said Villanueva. "They made a traffic stop and took the people into custody."

Gable was arrested along with 23-year-old Maximilian Anderson. Both are facing felony charges and were each held on $250,000 bail.

"It's not his fault," said Gable's sister Kaley. "He didn't mean to do it, he's a good kid."

Gable's sister was at the LAPD detention center in downtown Los Angeles on Friday trying to bail her brother out of jail. She says he just received the laser pointer as a gift and the whole thing is a misunderstanding.

"Laser pointers should be illegal," said Gable's sister Kaley. "If they can blind a pilot flying a helicopter, then hello people, these things should be illegal."

Not only are Gable and Anderson charged with felonies, but they can also be charged with a federal crime.

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