Arson suspect arrested in North Hollywood fires


The suspect was arrested on the 7300 block of Farmdale Avenue after a report of a Winnebago fire.

When firefighters got to the scene, flames were shooting out of the windows of the vehicle. The flames were quickly put out before they could spread to a nearby home. Just a couple blocks away, a car was also set on fire.

LAFD held a press conference on Tuesday. They believe the suspect is related to the 18 fires that were intentionally set, beginning July 17.

"Because of the high fire load we've been having over the past 10 days in the North Hollywood area, we had extra units both from LAPD North Hollywood Division and also Los Angeles Fire Department," said Chief Mike Greenup from LAFD.

LAPD patrolling the area were able to catch the suspect.

"He was spotted actually starting a car on fire," said Greenup.

Authorities say all the fires took place within a one-and-a-half square mile radius, amounting to over $1 million in damage.

"He's related to numerous fires in the North Hollywood area," said Greenup. "He's using the same type of [motive], a lot of fires started in the early morning. If you notice they were all pretty much predictable with auto fires, motor homes and rubbish fires."

The investigation is ongoing. Authorities are looking into whether there are additional suspects.

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