Lucille Ball celebrated with new Hollywood Museum exhibit


It's timed to coincide with two special events- "I Love Lucy" is now 60 years old, and Ball herself would have been 100 years old on Saturday.

The new exhibit, "Lucille Ball at 100 and I Love Lucy at 60," highlights the life and career of the late queen of comedy.

"This was her life," said daughter Lucie Arnaz. "I mean, she was never happier when she was at work. I would like to say except when she was home. But, truly, that wasn't- she would even say, 'I'm sorry kids but my joy is my work.'"

Ball's work of course, included the TV comedy classic, "I Love Lucy." A "Best Of" DVD was just released with 14 classic episodes.

"Nobody better and no one like her," said Valerie Harper. "The Mount Rushmore of comedy."

"She was the first who was truly, exceptionally beautiful and not afraid to be a clown," said Carolyn Hennesy.

"Her timing was just so unbelievable," said Kate Linder. "I study her all the time."

If you want to know more about Ball, you have until Nov. 30 to visit the Hollywood Museum.

"She's having fun up there with all her friends right now," said Arnaz. "She always knew when to make an exit."

The exhibit also features a "Redheads Only Room" where make-up great Max Factor worked on Ball's famous look.

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