'Footloose' remake takes on new generation


Brewer's a lifelong fan of "Footloose." He looked at it as this big challenge, but wasn't intimidated to pay homage to something that's come to be a classic.

"For me, I looked at it as a job of protecting something I loved," Brewer said. "Really it was a love letter. I'm not trying to replace the original. I'm standing on its shoulders. Everybody who worked on this movie loved 'Footloose,' including the cast, and we're here to celebrate it."

Part of that celebration included "/*Dancing With The Stars*/" favorite, Julianne Hough. She had no problem auditioning for her director.

"I put her through the ringer, we acted out the whole movie," Brewer said. "I knew I had someone to fight for me on this role."

"Being fans of the originals, we didn't want to ruin it," Hough said. "We understand skeptic people, because most remakes are not what they should be. We knew we were not going to disrespect it in any way, it gave us a chance to focus for this generation."

"Footloose" is rated PG. It's in theaters now.

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