Georgia cop demands proof of cancer in traffic stop


The exchanges was caught on off-camera audio.

"If some woman in your family, and you remember this day, you stopped us from seeking medical attention so that you could write the city a ticket or whatever violation," says the husband to the officer.

"Sir, I tried to explain everything to you and get some documentation or something," says the officer.

"I tried to show you my body. What else do you want me to show you?" says the woman.

"Do you want her to pull her breasts out and show you?" says the husband.

"That's not what I want," says the officer.

Police say the officer broke no rules.

"I know one of the comments that's come up, why didn't the officer escort them to the hospital, to the doctor? Our policy forbids officer escorts," said Roswell Police Lt. James McGee.

Police called an ambulance.

The woman says she doesn't want to pay for it because the hospital was only two miles away.

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