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OC caregiver sentenced for stealing from elderly patients

January 6, 2012 12:00:00 AM PST
A man convicted of stealing from elderly patients while working as a nursing assistant was sentenced on Friday.

Jaime Corpus showed little emotion as he listened as a judge decided his fate. Closely watching was the son of one of his victims.

"I don't think he showed any remorse at all," said the victim's son Robert Schneiderman.

Corpus was convicted of stealing from Schneiderman's father's plan. The 98-year-old was Corpus' patient at Villa Valencia in Laguna Hills.

Last June, the 44-year-old former nursing assistant denied doing anything wrong.

However authorities said surveillance video showed Corpus using the 98-year-old's credit cards at a store in Santa Ana, and he was also seen withdrawing money from an ATM.

Police arrested Corpus after Schneiderman reported discrepancies on his father's credit card bills.

"It was always on his mind every day about what Mr. Corpus did to him," said Scheiderman.

In November, Corpus pleaded guilty to stealing several thousand dollars from Schneiderman's father and two other seniors in his care, including a 93-year-old Orange County woman.

"This is terrible thing that's happened," said defense attorney Alessandro Assanti. "The only silver lining in this is that restitution has been made to each of the victims."

The judge sentenced Corpus to a year behind bars and three years probation. In addition, he will forever hold the title of a convicted felon.

"Three felonies and that's good because that will stick," said Schneiderman. "He'll never have the opportunity to do this to senior citizens again."

Schneiderman said seeing Corpus in handcuffs offered some closure, but it was bittersweet- his father passed away last July before he could see justice served.

"He never forgot what Mr. Corpus did to him right to the end, and he never forgave Mr. Corpus for what he did," said Schneiderman.