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2 women angered, worried by teen attacker's punishment

Lack of legal repercussions has two assault victims angry and worried that their teen attacker could strike again.

February 2, 2012 12:00:00 AM PST
Almost one year ago, Nora Reynoso was brutally attack inside a Murrieta Chuck E. Cheese bathroom, sending her to the hospital.

"So I open the door, the door hadn't even closed all the way when I just see a kid rush me," Reynoso said.

Her then 16-year-old attacker was sentenced to time served for the assault. While she has been on the road to recovery with the help of therapy and time, she was outraged to learn that six months following her ordeal, the same attacker struck again.

Reynoso learned of the second attack when she received a call from the Riverside County District Attorney's office asking her to testify against the teen.

"I tried to move forward and not think about it, but when I got the call, it just brought back everything," she said.

The new victim was 20-year-old Beatriz Martinez. The young mother of two says she had just picked her children from her mother's apartment when she was grabbed from behind and groped.

"When I tried to turn around to defend myself, that's when he pushed me and I pushed my son and he fell," said Martinez. "He was crying so I couldn't chase him."

But, as the attacker ran away, Martinez said he turned around to laugh at her.

The next day Martinez and her husband went looking for the teen. They spotted him near a high school where Martinez's husband made a citizen's arrest and held him until police arrived.

But he wouldn't be in custody for long.

"They told me the same day he got arrested, he got out. I couldn't believe it. They told me his probation officer let him out," Martinez said.

According to Martinez, the now 17-year-old was given a two to four month sentence in her case. She said he could be out in 60 days.

Both victims are angered.

"He is going to do it one more time," said Martinez. "If he did it six months before me, he is going to do it again."

Because of the teen's age, the Riverside District Attorney could not release the teen's name or confirm that there is even a case against him.

But According to Reynoso, the teen will be turning 18 in two weeks.

"It scares me of what is going to happen to the next person and if they're going to make it," she said.