What's Bugging You? Christmas lights up after the holidays


Some people still have their Christmas lights up months after the holidays.

Jeffrey Allen says it's bugging him that some Christmas lights never come down, they're up year round and it makes a neighborhood look a bit run down.

"I think people should be considerate and take them down," Allen said.

Darell Lee installs and takes down Christmas lights for customers across Southern California. He says after a few months, those pretty lights can become an ugly danger.

Some are meant for only 90 days worth of weathering. Lee says wear and tears means the lines could start snapping and bulbs could start breaking.

"Next year when you plug them in, they're not going to work. They will possibly even pop circuits. It can cause electrical hazards of that nature," Lee said.

In San Diego, there is a law telling residents when to take them down. Christmas lights up past February means a $250 fine.

In our area, there are no laws like that, but there are some private development communities and neighborhoods that do have restrictions.

Some of those restrictions mean residents can have them up two weeks before Christmas and two weeks after Christmas.

For those who live in such communities, you can call your homeowners association to see if there are special rules regarding holiday lights.

Residents who live outside of private communities can contact their city council or the city's department of building and safety for inquiries.

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