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Blasts in Thailand raise international concern over Iran

February 14, 2012 12:00:00 AM PST
New developments with Iran are causing concern around the world. Iran's president is expected to announce Wednesday that a new uranium enrichment plant is fully operational, and Israel has been hit by overseas terror attacks that many are blaming on Iran.

So far, the violence has only been on foreign soil, but there are new concerns that it could be coming to the U.S., which is now on heightened alert.

On Tuesday, an explosion blew off the roof of a rented home in Bangkok, Thailand. Police there said three men identified as Iranians apparently had set up a bomb factory and detonated some of the explosives by accident. One of the men is still at large. Thai authorities said the suspects were likely planning to attack individuals since they did not have the capacity to target large crowds or buildings.

The U.S. State Department seemed to tie the incident to Iran and two bomb attacks Monday.

"We are concerned about use of international terrorism by Iran or by anybody else against Israel or against any other innocents and about a spike in the number of incidents that we've seen," said Victoria Nuland, a State Department spokesperson.

Israel has already blamed Iran for the two attacks, including the bombing of an Israeli Embassy car in India - which seriously injured the wife of an Israeli diplomat - and the failed bombing of a vehicle outside the Israeli Embassy in the country of Georgia.

"It is also sending a message that if Israel bombs Iran's nuclear facilities, Iran can retaliate around the world through it terrorist network," said ABC News consultant Dick Clarke.

Dep. Chief Michael Downing, who is the commanding officer for the Los Angeles Police Department's Counter Terrorism and Special Operations Bureau, said the bureau is in constant communication with the city's Jewish community and it's planning town hall meetings in the coming weeks to address the escalating tensions between Iran and Israel and the potential threats the situation poses locally.

"There are no credible threats, but we're always aware and we always know that things could change hourly, daily. We're always looking for help by the community or any other individual that knows of something and knows how to report it," said Downing.