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Bichir's 'A Better Life' sends powerful message

February 23, 2012 12:00:00 AM PST
Actor Demian Bichir has the right perspective on what an Oscar nomination can do. His film, "A Better Life," was not a box office blockbuster.

"A Better Life" tells the story of an illegal immigrant who works as a gardener in Los Angeles. All he really wants is a better life for himself and for his teenage son.

Bichir realizes the attention being focused on him could shine the light on his film's subject matter.

"I believe in the in the power of cinema. I believe in the power of two hours sitting down and that receiving that information and be moved and being able to change your points of view," he said.

During this Oscar season, Bichir has enjoyed getting to rub elbows with his fellow nominees. And his performance has been admired by some of today's superstars.

"This is a career-changer for him. The nomination alone, and if he wins, even more so, it's a great story there, too," said George Clooney during an Oscars luncheon.

When it comes to Oscar Sunday itself, Bichir can hardly wait.

"Oh yeah, bring it on, yes sir!" he said.