On 'Dancing With The Stars,' is a kiss just a kiss?


On "Dancing With The Stars," Maria Menounos and Derek Hough locked lips while they were in the moment, and that got everyone talking.

"I think I went in for it," Hough said. "I watched it back and then I'm like, wait a minute. Your lips puckered up there."

So was it a rare event on the dance floor or do these moments happen all the time?

"Yeah, they happen, and people get carried away," said Katherine Jenkin's partner, Mark Ballas. "I feel like Derek got a little carried away and so did she, though. That was a nice moment."

Ballas said it's only acting.

Gladys Knight and partner Tristan MacManus said they kiss all the time.

"It depends what happens," MacManus said. "It depends what happens. I mean, you're not just going to spend one minute and a half kissing each other."

And a question that's on some people's minds, is Roshon Fegan aching to kiss Chelsie Hightower?

"Well, I'm not aching, but I got a pain," he said.

But not all couples see a pucker in their plans for their future.

"I would say no," said Donald Driver. "I don't think my wife would love that at all."

"I never really thought about that, honestly," said Gavin DeGraw. "I'm so focused most of the time counting to eight over and over again and remember where to shift my hips, that my lips would be a whole 'nother essay that I haven't written yet."

On Monday night, the stars will be dancing to rock 'n' roll. The action starts at 8 p.m. on ABC7.

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