Cool Kid saves life, aims for law enforcement


"It took me a couple seconds to actually see it in my mind that someone needed help, someone was hurt maybe," said Bianca. "So I tell my dad to turn back around and that's when we went to go and help him."

It would have been enough to stay and wait for paramedics, but Bianca knew she had to do more.

"I asked him if he needed help. He didn't answer. So then I immediately checked for a pulse. That's when I knew he needed help," said Bianca.

Bianca felt her training had her ready to help when needed.

"In the Explorer Academy, they teach you CPR and first aid," said Bianca. "And I also got certified outside of the academy, so I knew it pretty well."

The 17-year-old high school senior wants to continue in a career that will help people in many ways.

"I'm planning to apply for C.A. but also ready to go to college for a criminology degree. Since I want to be a homicide detective, I want to study that," said Bianca.

Our Cool Kid Bianca Olivares was ready when needed most. Now, she's ready to do more for her community.

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