Volunteer-minded Cool Kid has White House on his mind


Dennis Ojogho volunteers at the Museum of Tolerance. And while there are so many lessons to be learned there, Dennis hopes that people walk away with one vital thought.

"It's important to realize that at the end of the day we're all human beings and we all deserve to be treated with that same type of human dignity and respect," said Dennis.

The community-minded 18-year-old attends Los Angeles Senior High School. He also volunteers with the Salesian Boys and Girls Club.

"I want first and foremost that Boys and Girls Club to be the place where a kid can go there and be comfortable and be a kid," said Dennis.

Even with all his extracurricular responsibilities, Dennis has excelled in school and has his college life planned out.

"I'll be attending Harvard this fall," said Dennis. "My plan is to get a degree in political science, study public policy and then I hope to go to law school afterwards, maybe Harvard Law."

But this involved, intelligent, highly motivated Cool Kid has plans way beyond Harvard.

"Ultimately the White House is my goal," said Dennis.

Dennis Ojogho is someone who cares a lot about what happens in his community. And it appears that the same dedication and passion may help him reach his lofty goals for the future too.

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