George Zimmerman medical record shows injuries


The three-page medical report could be used by both sides in a trial. The report is one of 67 CDs worth of documents being analyzed by the defense and prosecution.

Zimmerman's entire case is based on self defense. He says unarmed 17-year-old Martin attacked him, so he shot and killed him.

The photos in the report from Zimmerman's family doctor the morning after the shooting appear to be time stamped.

"There's no question, these documented injuries help Zimmerman's case, but the fundamental question remains, who was the aggressor?" said Dan Abrams, ABC News' legal analyst.

Zimmerman pled not guilty to second degree murder charges. He insists he would've been killed by Martin if he didn't fight back.

"If George Zimmerman started the altercation and he's losing the fight so he fears for his life, he does not have the legal right to use deadly force at that point," Abrams.

The report also reveals new details about Zimmerman's state of mind after the shooting. Zimmerman told his doctor he was suffering from nausea thinking about the violence. His doctor wrote that it was imperative Zimmerman see a psychologist.

But questions about the severity of Zimmerman's injuries remain. He declined hospitalization after the shooting. The report says Zimmerman even tried to return to work the day after the shooting but was told he needed a police report and medical clearance first.

In a surveillance video from the night of the shooting, Zimmerman's shirt and jacket appear unstained.

Zimmerman is currently in hiding after posting bail. He appeared far thinner than the night of the shooting.

Zimmerman as living off more than $200,000 in donations sent to his website. ABC News has learned those donations keep coming in at a pace of more than $1,000 per day.

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