Planned Parenthood sex-selection abortion video released by Live Action


The video by the group Live Action shows clips of a Planned Parenthood counseling session at an Austin, Texas, clinic. A woman posing as a pregnant patient tells the counselor she may need help to abort the baby if tests determine the fetus is a girl instead of the boy she desires.

The video shows the counselor answering the woman's questions and apparently confirms that Planned Parenthood would not deny her an abortion despite her reasons for wanting to have one.

Planned Parenthood, a consistent target of secret videotaping, confirmed the session did happen, but said that it lasted more than an hour and that the staff member urged special counseling.

The non-profit organization also said the counselor in the video was entry level. She was fired and that staff was being retrained. But questions remain about what the counselor should have said.

Planned Parenthood in Los Angeles said the policy across the country is to provide non-judgmental counseling.

"We absolutely condemn sex selection," said Celinda Vasquez of Planned Parenthood Los Angeles.

Asked if that should be told to a patient who wants an abortion because of the sex of the baby, Vasquez said, "In that case, again, we encourage the woman to really discuss with her family and consult her faith on the matter."

In a statement, Live Action said, "Planned Parenthood believes it can sweep this under the rug. One worker fired, problem solved."

The pro-life organization released the video as conservatives in Congress prepared to vote on a bill that would impose criminal penalties for helping abort a child for the purposes of gender selection and deny funds to agencies who aid a sex-selection abortion.

The House is set to vote on the Republican-introduced bill on Thursday. It would need a 2/3 majority to pass. With Democrats opposing it, it will likely not go forward.

Planned Parenthood said its services are critical to providing women with a range of health services.

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