Homeless student graduating with honors


Williams lived on the streets of the South Side since elementary school, all the while remaining an honor student.

A few months ago, he asked his former teacher, Linda Brady, if he could use her home to clean up. When she learned he was homeless, she took him in and made him part of her family.

"It's mind-blowing knowing that now I can breathe a little easier knowing I have someone in a home to fall back at night," said Williams. "I just want to tell her that I love her and appreciate all the things she has done for me."

Now, Williams may be able to do something extraordinary for Brady. She needs a kidney transplant, and he's being tested to see if he's a match.

"It just warms my heart," Brady said. "I did not even think for a moment and was angry he did not tell me earlier. He is the son I never had and always wanted."

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