LA Kings announcer Bob Miller hopes for Game 5 Stanley Cup win


"I'm really looking forward to doing this because I thought, don't tell me 39 years and I'm not going to get to describe the last 30 seconds of when they might win the Stanley Cup," he said.

When the Kings made it to the second round of the playoffs, Miller and TV broadcast partner Jim Fox had the plugs pulled on their mics. NBC had exclusive television rights the rest of the way.

Fans petitioned NBC then a groundswell of support for Miller happened on the Internet. So the team decided to record Miller and Fox doing play-by-play of Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Final to use in a possible championship DVD.

"Where would you rather be if you're a broadcaster?" he asked. "You want to be in that situation and so all during the playoffs, I'm thinking, 'Why are we not doing this game?'"

The 73-year-old hall of fame broadcaster, who says his worst fear is retiring and then having the Kings win the Stanley Cup the following year, was hoping for a celebration Wednesday night. While there was hope late in the game, the Kings chance at winning the cup was lost. This meant that after 39 years Miller must now wait at least three more days.

"The last four years, the Stanley Cup has been won on the road," he said. "Well, I hope it's five years in a row, and the Kings wrap it up in New Jersey."

The good news for Miller is that he too will head to New Jersey and will call Game 5 in the same fashion that he called Game 4. Only this time, he's hoping for a different result.

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