LA Kings inspire new generation of hockey fans, players


Ever since the team's run up to the Stanley Cup finals, IceTown ice skating rink in Riverside has seen an increase in interest.

"We've been getting more kids coming to our hockey academy program since the Kings started getting on the TV," said hockey coach Andrew Roach.

Trevor Evans, 9, and twin sister Emily, are not newcomers to the sport. They're part of a growing number of children lacing up hockey skates and passing the puck at Ice Town.

"The Kings are really good and they're closer way closer to this rink, and you see how the Kings can play, maybe other kids will want to be like that when they grow up," Trevor said.

Chad and Shannon Meketarian have been a part of it for years, as fans and players. Now their 6-year-old son Cooper is joining in.

"I had a bunch of sticks in the garage that I would break down or were broken and I would cut them down to his size, and he would pick them up," said Chad Meketarian. "It was love at first sight."

IceTown is at 10540 Magnolia Ave.

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