Fontana hazing suspect's sister speaks out


Fernando Salgado was one of five people arrested and charged during a hazing investigation. He had a video arraignment scheduled for Wednesday, but it was postponed because he preferred to appear in person.

Police say the 18-year-old and three minors viciously assaulted three classmates in a masonry class during summer session at the high school.

Salgado is being investigated for assault with the intent to commit mayhem or rape and attempted sodomy with a foreign object.

Krista Hernandez, Salgado's sister, is coming to her little brother's defense.

"I think it was horseplay that might have gotten out of hand, and somebody got hurt as the result of it, but I believe absolutely 100 percent that it's blown out of proportion, and my brother isn't what they are portraying him out to be," she said.

Hernandez says she spoke to Salgado in jail. She says her brother doesn't know who the victims are because everyone in class was subjected to the rough housing and jokes.

"It is something that was going on for quite some time before this incident, whether it was during regular school hours and now carried on to summer school, but it was something that has been going on," Hernandez said.

Masonry teacher Emmanuel de la Rosa was also arrested and charged with child cruelty. According to police, de la Rosa may have directed a student to assault one of the victims in order to correct a behavioral issue. De la Rosa has been placed on administrative leave.

Salgado will appear in court for his arraignment hearing on Thursday. He is being held on $100,000 bail.

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