Ventura Boulevard vandalism suspect arrested in Beverly Hills - exclusive

ENCINO, Calif.

LAPD West Valley investigators arrested Michael Steven Poret, who they say used marbles, bolts and BBs in his attacks. They also recovered a sling shot, BB guns, including one with a scope, and both legal and illegal weapons from his home.

Investigators believe that Poret is behind scores of windows busted in a crime spree that started seven months ago.

"Since the first of the year in January, there have been approximately 40 to 50 incidents of vandalism," said LAPD Det. Louie Velasquez.

The arrest came after a witness provided a description of a balding man in his 50s or 60s. Then a big break came when police say Poret, who seemed so busy in the Valley, was arrested in Beverly Hills.

"Unbeknownst to us they were also having similar crimes, approximately 17," said Velasquez.

Beverly Hills seized a cache of illegal weapons in a consent search. Other items were uncovered when LAPD executed a search warrant. Merchants say the persistent shootings cost them plenty.

"There's a guy who's trying to open up a local market down the street, he's not even open yet and he's been hit four times," said Jeff Swaner, whose business was also targeted. "I have a friend who owns a building down the street, he's been hit eight times. Like I said, I am just so grateful to them that they caught this guy and I'm grateful to the news for reporting it."

LAPD investigators say Poret could face multiple charges of felony vandalism. As for Beverly Hills, their case is ongoing. Poret remained behind bars Thursday.

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