Waze app helps you find cheap gas prices


But what if your smartphone could take you directly to the cheapest station? That's what the Waze traffic app can do for you.

Not only does Waze provide real time driving conditions plus free GPS navigation, Waze now offers gas prices for stations near you.

Download Waze to your smartphone at http://m.waze.com/download

Here's how it works. First, if you don't have Waze, download it for free. Then, click on navigate, categories, and you'll find a list with "gas station" right at the top. This will get you real time gas prices at stations near you - you can get it on a list or see it on a map.

Once you see the gas station you want, you can tap on it and go. You'll get turn-by-turn directions right to the location.

It's a simple, it's easy, and it could save you money at the pump.

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