Joe Francis reacts to Quincy Jones testimony - exclusive


Composer of countless scores and producer of Grammy-winning artists, Jones sounded off in support of Wynn, his long time billionaire Vegas friend. Wynn is suing Francis, who happens to be Jones' neighbor and friend.

Wynn alleges that Francis has spread damaging lies, saying that Wynn made a Mafioso-type threat on his life and that even Jones had relayed a warning.

In a deposition read by an attorney to the court, Francis claims to quote Jones.

"'He's gangster, he's old Vegas, he doesn't play. So Quincy told you that?' Answer: 'That's a quote.' Question to you, Mr. Jones, is that a quote? Is that something you said?" the attorney asked Jones.

"That sounds like a line from 'Scarface,'" Jones replied with a laugh. "That sounds like drama to me. No absolutely not."

The suit says such a threat means potential business losses for the 70-year-old casino operator. The former head of the Nevada Gaming Board testified that even a hint of scandal can hurt.

"It's entirely possible that Mr. Wynn could miss out on an opportunity, a bidding process," said Michael Rumbolz.

As for resolving the feud, which involves a disputed gambling debt Francis owes Wynn, Jones says he tried to reason with the 39-year-old multi-millionaire.

"No. 1, Joe do what he should have done in the first place, he lost I think $1.5 million, and if you lose $1.5 million in Vegas, you pay it," Jones said.

Late Thursday, Eyewitness News caught up with Francis, who was not present for Jones' testimony. In the exclusive interview, he reacted to Jones' court comments.

"Did Quincy make up something? I don't know, and that seems to be -- because Steve Wynn is very adamant that he didn't say it, and 100 percent I heard it, so if Quincy was trying to color his argument by saying it, maybe he did, but he didn't come out and say that I was lying," said Francis.

Both sides in the case have rested and attorneys are now discussing jury instructions. Summations are expected either Friday or Monday.

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