Fontana police impersonator arrested after threatening woman at gunpoint


Police say Ivan Hernandez knocked on the door of a home on the 9500 block of Sycamore Drive around 12:15 a.m. When a female resident opened the door, he allegedly told her he was with the Sheriff's department.

"He was standing at the door in what appeared to be a bulletproof vest, with a walkie-talkie, and then had what she thought was a black handgun," said Fontana Police Sgt. Bob Morris.

Police say the woman was suspicious of the suspect's claims and kept her security gate closed. She then told him she was going to call the police department to check. Her questioning angered the suspect.

"He became very upset with her, told her to quit messing with him, and that he would be back, and at the same time actually pulled the handgun out and pointed it at her through the security door," said Morris.

Police say he then took off in a Ford Crown Victoria, similar to a police car, which is how officers spotted him about an hour later and made the arrest.

So far, there's been only one complaint made about Hernandez to the Fontana Police Department, but they say it's possible there are other victims.

"There's really no way of telling, it very well possibly could have happened in other areas or nearby that we just haven't been notified about," said Morris.

Anyone with information regarding the suspect is urged to call the Fontana police at (909) 350-7700.

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