Tips on Endeavour's route, viewing areas


See an interactive map of Endeavour's route and viewing locations along the way

Crews are at work to clear a path for the space shuttle Endeavour's 78-foot wide wingspan as it rolls through the streets of Los Angeles to the California Science Center.

People who live along the 12-mile route say the shuttle is leaving an annoying footprint in its wake, with hundreds of trees being removed, power outages expected for roughly 400 homes, street and sidewalk closures that will keep people from seeing Endeavour, as well as the likelihood neighborhoods could be inundated with crowds of shuttle-watchers.

"We're asking a lot from the community. Their area will be shut down for hours, so respect that you're in their neighborhood," said Sgt. Rudy Lopez of the Los Angeles Police Department.

Lopez says the best way to experience the shuttle move through the city is to go to one of the designated viewing areas that have been set up.

The California Science Center is recommending four locations.

The first on the route is the lawn in front of Inglewood City Hall. The shuttle will roll right past it as it moves down Manchester Boulevard.

Next up - and what city officials say may the best location - is the Forum in Inglewood.

"There is ample space at the Forum location to view it, to get an up-front experience there and ample free parking across the street at Hollywood Park," Lopez said.

Once the shuttle makes the big turn north, shuttle fans may have a chance to see it on Crenshaw Boulevard between 46th Street and Vernon Avenue. That's where Crenshaw widens up considerably, but the LAPD says there are no guarantees.

Just to the north is another designated spot, but one that could fill quickly: Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza at the corner of Crenshaw Boulevard and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard.

"It's big, but if you're talking about thousands of people showing up, you may want to come early," Lopez said.

The last viewing area on the route is Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard and Bill Robertson Lane. There are four large parking lots right where the shuttle will turn the corner for the California Science Center.

Many residents think the viewing areas aren't going to be enough.

See an interactive map of Endeavour's route and viewing locations along the way

"You can imagine the people who are going to be there, thousands and thousands of people. There's not going to be room for everybody," said Vidal Garcia of South Los Angeles.

The road closures begin at 10 p.m. Thursday.

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