Barbra Streisand shows Brooklyn pride at concert


The 70-year-old multiple Oscar, Emmy and Grammy winner made clear to 18,000 cheering fans that while she may have left Brooklyn decades ago, Brooklyn never left her.

Streisand's performance was part of a concert tour to support her new album "Release Me."

Those in attendance said she hit the right notes on more than two dozen hit songs, including "People," "Evergreen" and "The Way We Were."

She also answered fan questions submitted prior to the concert. One question read: "I'd love to know what you think of Mitt Romney's promise to fire Big Bird."

"I love Big Bird and I hope no one tells Romney how to get to Sesame Street or Pennsylvania Avenue," she said as the crowd cheered even louder. "He's a good actor. He's a good actor. A chameleon."

That wasn't Streisand's only political moment. The Barack Obama supporter said she taped Thursday night's vice presidential debates and couldn't "wait to go home to watch."

Streisand is set to perform at the Hollywood Bowl Nov. 9 and 11.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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