Disabled woman's cart stolen from Highland yard


Roberta Ferguson suffers from congestive heart failure. Some days she's too weak to get out of bed. When she can get out, she uses a customized golf cart that's fully licensed for the road. That is, until two days ago, when it was stolen right out of her backyard.

"It's my only means of transportation," said Ferguson. "I go to the market, I go to the doctor's office, I go to Walgreens for my medications."

Because of Ferguson's condition, her caregivers say that golf cart was really the only way she could get around.

"My truck is too high for her to get in, so it's really sad, it really hurts her, and it really hurts us that somebody would take it from her," said Yvonne Ellerbe, a friend of Ferguson's.

"I can't walk very far. The walker doesn't take me even as far as the bus stop. I can't do that," said Ferguson.

They think the golf cart was stolen on Wednesday between 1 and 7 in the morning. Whoever took it pushed it right out the front gate.

"We haven't found it anywhere, and the police left this thing here and it says all kinds of horrible things they could be doing to my golf cart," said Ferguson.

The golf cart is beige and is equipped with headlights and taillights.

They fear it's being stripped for parts.

"There's six batteries in there. They probably sold the batteries. Who knows? This neighborhood's known for that," said Ferguson's caregiver Luis Aguilera.

"Please. You don't know what it meant to me," said Ferguson. "Please give it back. It's all I have for getting around."

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