San Onofre nuclear plant used generator being transported to Utah


It is expected to pass through Riverside and San Bernardino counties and Nevada on its way there.

A 700,000-pound steam generator removed from the plant was loaded onto a truck Sunday night. New steam generators are being installed at the plant. Southern California Edison wants to reassure the public the move is safe.

"There is a slight bit of radioactivity to it. But if you stood next to it for an hour, you'd get about the same amount of radioactivity you do when you get a dental X-ray," said Scott Andresen with SCE. "So there won't be any measurable radiation as it's going through Southern California on its way to Utah."

The plant is shut down as both federal and state nuclear regulators investigate problems at the plant. A leak was initially discovered in one of the reactors' steam-generating tubes. Later, unusual wear was found in tubes in both reactors.

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