Stolen World Harvest Food Bank truck will affect Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving Day is next week and the World Harvest Food Bank in downtown L.A. fears it will not be able to meet the needs of the thousands of families it feeds every year during the holiday. Why? Over the weekend food bank owner Glen Curado says someone stole one of their two trucks used to pick up and bring pallets full of donated food to the food bank.

Curado says the truck was parked behind the charity's gated fence.

"They broke the gate," said Curado. "Somehow they must have hotwired the truck or something. And the truck was gone and we called the police. They came out here, did a police report. We haven't found the truck yet."

"It was actually stolen on Sunday. So we've actually missed pickups yesterday. We were open half a day yesterday for Veterans Day. And today we've missed pickups as well," said Nikki Jolee, a worker at World Harvest.

The World Harvest Food Bank opened five years ago. Volunteers say they feed at least a quarter-million people every year. They say with only one truck, they are going to run out of food fast.

Curado says at least 10,000 families are expected to be affected around Thanksgiving.

"Have a heart. Bring it back," said Curado.It was a terrible thing to do. Just because the truck is gone, you're going to impact at least 30-, 40,000 families, and the kids. The kids are going to go without. We'll be short."

If you have information about the stolen truck call the World Harvest Food Bank at (213) 746-2227.

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