Freezing temperatures blast some SoCal areas


The National Weather Service issued a cold and frost warning for many of the southwestern parts of the state. A frost advisory was in effect for the San Fernando Valley Friday morning that expired at 9 a.m.

The sub-zero winter chill didn't affect Ted Barden any. When you've been delivering cold milk in a mobile freezer for more than 40 years, you learn to deal with the elements.

"You get used to it. I know in the early days back in '72 I was cold. But now, once you get going, you're running back and forth, you just kind of get used to it," said Barden.

The cold weather also isn't bothering people visiting L.A. from other parts of the country for the Rose Parade. One woman from Indiana was eating ice cream in Pasadena on Friday night.

"I'm from Indiana and this does not feel that cold. It's a little brisk, but it's no cold," she said.

Los Angeles County health officials are warning people not to use their oven as a heater because of carbon monoxide dangers. They said there are shelters that people can visit to stay warm.

The frosty weather could damage sensitive plants. Experts advise people to protect their plants with frost tarps, which will keep them 5 to 6 degrees warmer, and bring potted plants indoors if possible.

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