Cool Kid undertakes environmental stewardship


"I just love being outside," says Shannon. "I'm a swimmer. I play water polo. I teach sailing. I'm outside. I'm in the water and I feel a deep connection to the environment."

When Shannon learned that the largest coastal wetland in Southern California was in danger, she made it her mission to let the public know the importance of Ormond Beach.

"First of all it's a habitat to all the birds. Second of all, it is a buffer," says Shannon. "So when sea level rise happens, it will be a buffer to the community around it, so that the sea level rise won't affect the community as much."

All her volunteer work in the name of conservation and preservation has Shannon pointed toward a career that keeps her involved.

"I've seen the EDC, the Environmental Defense Center, and I love environmental attorneys," says Shannon. "And I love the work they do. And I would someday aspire to do that."

A big part of Shannon's work is educating people on the reason for her efforts.

"It's our responsibility to protect, preserve and restore the environment that we have around it. Because it provides oxygen for us, it's a symbiotic relationship," says Shannon.

Shannon Gillespie McComb is a Cool Kid who sees how the care of our planet is of utmost importance.

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