10 Freeway hit-and-run crash suspect slams into Mid-City home


Police say the woman he hit chased him until he crashed into the home in the 4000 block of West 17th Street at about 2:30 a.m. Wednesday.

It all started on the 10 Freeway at Vermont Avenue, where that minivan apparently hit a car and tried to get away. The woman driving that car followed the van, which got off the freeway and drove into the neighborhood. It appeared the van was attempting to make a left turn, but it lost control, hopped the curb and a small retaining wall, plowed through a fence and careened into the house's living room.

A family of four was sleeping inside, including a 4-year-old girl whose bedroom the driver narrowly missed.

"We were just asleep and I heard like a loud noise. I thought my mom fell or something. I go outside, but then like next thing you know, I see the car in my door," said Betty Monroy, a resident.

A relative of the family says a similar incident happened about two months ago, where a drunk driver slammed into several parked cars in the neighborhood.

Fortunately, no one inside the home was seriously injured. The driver was taken into custody and charged with driving under the influence.

It remains unknown whether that earlier hit-and-run victim will face any charges. The California Highway Patrol is investigating the incident.

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