Roadway sidewalk urged after pedestrians struck in Temecula


Mike Baxter is on a crusade that he hopes will save other families from experiencing his heartache.

Last Monday Baxter's 19-year-old daughter Kimberly Reyes and a friend were hit by a car while walking along Pauba Road in Temecula.

The impact shattered both of Kimberly's legs and her right arm. She also suffered head trauma. Her friend received minor injuries.

Baxter says the girls had been walking from the Temecula Public Library back home along a sidewalk.

"That sidewalk ends and puts you into some dirt as a path. Well that path leads you directly into bushes," said Baxter.

Then there are trees in the way. They were forced to step out into the bike lane.

According to the police report the driver had been blinded by the sun when she drifted into the bike lane and hit the girls, missing a third girl walking with them.

"I absolutely agree we need to do something about this stretch. It's too dangerous," said Temecula resident Juliet Grossman.

Eyewitness News contacted the city of Temecula. Interim City Manager Aaron Adams said in a statement: "Our hearts go out to those injured and their family members. As a course of business, the city reviews all serious accidents on public property but we have no comment at this time on the accident."

For now Kimberly Reyes is recovering at Inland Valley Medical Center, surrounded by family.

Mike Baxter says he will continue to fight for a sidewalk on Pauba Road. He plans to circulate a petition to present to city officials at a later date.

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