Cool Kid raises money to help in fight against breast cancer


Grace Punzalan is a young lady who loves helping her school and community as president of the Dream Project Club.

"That's where we start helping others, helping the world make a better place," said Grace.

Pink Walk is an event that is sponsored by the club. It raises money for the fight against breast cancer. Because she lost her mother to breast cancer, Grace feels a strong personal connection when she takes part in the walk.

"I thought of my mom. I felt like I was going to be closer to my mom when I do the Pink Walk," said Grace.

Grace is a junior at Franklin High School, but she's already impressed many with her maturity, leadership skills and sense of responsibility.

"She really knows that what you do as a person has an effect on many things," said Franklin Principal Deborah Madrigal. "And I think she takes that and is an example to other students that you can make a difference."

Wanting to reach out to all who need it is a strong part of her personality.

"I felt like helping others and helping the community, helping to make a better world, is more of me," said Grace.

Grace Punzalan is doing so much to bring positive changes to the world around her. That makes her our Cool Kid.

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