Cool Kid forms tutor club to help peers grow

POMONA, Calif.

"I see it as you're learning something you're going to use next year, something you're going to learn in high school, something that you're gonna need if you want to go to college," she said.

Jennifer sees her club teaching more than just numbers and letters. She sees the students grow and change, like one young boy who was shy and hesitant.

"Now he's coming up to me, he's coming up to all the other tutors, and he's helping other students as well," she said.

Jennifer has great study skills but it's her people skills that really shine.

"How genuine she is with her ability to help the students she works with feel comfortable," said Maggie Torres, director of academic support.

One of her biggest lessons is one that can be used all through life.

"Always ask questions and to never, ever be afraid to go and seek help," Jennifer says. "Never be shy and ashamed that you don't understand something."

Cool Kid Jennifer Villacis helps students in the classroom now, but also gives them skills they'll use in the future.

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