'Evil Dead' remake promises lots of blood, screams


"Suburgatory" star Jane Levy is the leading, and sometimes lewd, lady.

In "Evil Dead," Levy plays a young woman who becomes possessed by a demon in a cabin in the woods. Someone should have left that book alone.

This R-rated film is graphic and, arguably, gross -- with foaming at the mouth, bloody throw-up and unlimited supply of blood splatter.

"It's never too much because it's an 'Evil Dead' movie, and what makes this film special, I guess, is that they are so outrageous and over-the-top," said Alvarez. "You'll laugh, you're scared, you have the anticipation, you have the fall and then after it's done, even though it was super scary, people want to jump right back in."

Levy admits she's been traumatized by horror films in the past. Did she traumatize her parents with her performance?

"My dad says it's the best movie he's ever seen in his life," said Levy. "My mom was, I think, a little bit uneasy."

Maybe because her daughter does a lot of screaming in the film.

"I'm a really good screamer," said Levy.

"Evil Dead" opens in theaters on Friday.

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