Cross-dressing man allegedly videotaped women in restroom


The L.A. County Sheriff's Department says suspect Jason Pomares, 33, dressed up like a woman to spy on women in a Macy's bathroom at the Antelope Valley Mall. Investigators say he had a concealed camera in a paper bag with a hole in it.

"He was secretly and covertly videotaping women while they were using the restroom," said Sheriff's Sgt. Brian Hudson. "It appears he had been in the restroom for about two hours before he was noticed. Over a span of two hours, we've got video of several women entering and exiting the restroom. The way the camera was positioned, it was positioned where it could record what was taking place in one of the bathroom stalls, and on a baby-changing table that is located in the restroom."

Detectives say a customer in the restroom saw the camera in Pomare's bag and alerted security when she left the bathroom. They say Pomare left the store and was arrested in the parking lot of the mall.

"Based on what he's told us and us reviewing the video evidence that we obtained from him, it appears this is the first time he's done something like this," said Hudson. "At this point we haven't found any video of babies being changed by their parents. But just the way the positioning of the camera and the angle it was pointed at, it's quite possible he could have captured a child being changed."

Pomares is facing charges of unlawful use of a concealed camera for gratification purposes and unlawful use of a concealed camera in a restroom.

"It's an interest that he has in voyeurism, he said," said Hudson.

Investigators want to know if more women recognize suspect. If you have information related to the case, contact the Palmdale Sheriff's Station at (661) 272-2400 or Crime Stoppers at (800) 222-TIPS.

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