Cool Kid Ezequias Nunez inspires young athletes through soccer

EL MONTE, Calif.

"I want to teach them not to give up. There's games where we're losing, and I want to show how not to give up, that's just life too, not to give up," he said.

Ezequias moved here from Mexico at an early age. It was soccer that helped him choose a positive path. He hopes his players learn the same lessons.

"If I wouldn't have played soccer for Manchester, I'd probably be a cholo or something right now," he said. "So, soccer has helped me a lot. It's going to help them too, to stay out of trouble, drugs and all that stuff."

Both by playing and coaching, he shows what it really means to be a true team player, and leader.

"He's very driven to succeed and he's driven to not let people down. He's a 'you can rely on me' type of guy," said manager Jaqueline Morales.

He hopes his interest in helping better his neighborhood one day leads him to a career in law enforcement.

"I just want to help my community, that's one of the biggest things," he said. "I see cops out there doing a good job and that motivates me to do it too."

Cool Kid Ezequias Nunez is a coach and leader who is making many kids' lives better.

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