Los Padres National Forest fire: Crews gain upper hand


The wildfire in the Los Padres National Forest near Santa Barbara was 80 percent contained by Wednesday morning after burning more than 1,850 acres of chaparral, oak and pine.

People who were evacuated from 50 homes were allowed to return Tuesday night. The so-called White Fire erupted Monday afternoon and forced some 6,000 campers out of the forest.

The fire destroyed two vehicles and a U.S. Forest Service garage, and sent an enormous ashy plume over the mountains. The cause remains under investigation.

A second fire in the hills of Santa Ynez was fully contained Tuesday night after burning 170 acres. Santa Barbara County Fire Department investigators say the cause of the fire was related to two power lines contacting each other due to high winds.

Another blaze flared just before noon Tuesday near the Magic Mountain theme park. It quickly consumed 55 acres of brush, but was almost contained by nightfall.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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